Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cars do good Too

Yesterday, while reading my Facebook statuses, I came across a story titled. “Cars Sucks.”
To me this is an as some blog about how destructive cars really are to our society. How they'll never be green option and how they caused our society to be so dependent on oil and threatening our security and the environment as a Nation.
Personally being so anti car, I agreed with his point of view. But then I asked my self, what has the car done good for the world. This is a challenge for me for I hate cars and the society I live in attitude is Drive here and drive now.

1. The Model T saved a Landmark. Back in the early 1920's, the San Antonio National Historic Missions weren't even on any body's radar as worth saving. But with a committed group of Model T owners, they offered tours of the the Mission that sat along the San Antonio River. With there effort, they got the message out that these places were worth saving and thus today all the mission except the Alamo are a National Park.

2. Cars Made Trucker Lives Easier. Well yes they did, by building the Interstate System, it is now easier for people who drive trucks for a living to move good a lot easier. For on any Interstate System regardless of where, there are no stop signs. No Traffic Lights, and knowing where you are along the highway is very helpful because by law, all of these Highways have mile markers. Try finding your way on a US or State Highway and it becomes more and more challenging especially when your 80,000 lbs make your stopping distance long and hard.

3. Cars made Talk Radio possible. I might get hit by this by Liberal views, but regardless of your point of view, talk radio wouldn't really be made possible if it wasn't for car radios. Yes its nice to hear your favorite song behind the wheel, but that don't help you think. Talk radio help you think as you hear a blow heart discuss the days news and how screwed up things are. Also it help made possible the Coast to Coast AM show. This late night Talk show talks not about politics, but about UFO's, Ghost, and mainly other subjects of the Paranormal.

Well thats all I can think of, maybe you can

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