Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Anger at BP and Obama Misplaced.

After over 40 days of the gushing pipe of Crude oil into the Gulf Of Mexico, we as a nation are frustrated and angry at the Administration and BP. But what is done is done, and things could have been done to prevent the spill, but not it's aftermath.

I have a saying, "It takes a dead guy to put up a traffic light." And we can apply this saying to the disaster in the Gulf Of Mexico. You see, the saying refers to the fact that it takes a death at an intersection to get a traffic light at that intersection.

The Story goes, 'One day after Mr Tim walked across an intersection that was known as a hazarded crosswalk by local resident. "We've been complaining for years to get a red light at this intersection for years" Complained Mrs Wallace. And now after the death of Mr Tim, the City said that it will begin construction of a traffic light by next week.' Sounds Familiar huh!

Now with the lack of equipment by the US government and the petty corporation that has the equipment, we now have a disaster that will change the future when it comes to drilling off the United States. What died was the Gulf Of Mexico residents and there lively hood. All parties can point fingers at each other demanding that they had this and that before the disaster. But that is thinking from the sidelines and after the fact. It no different saying that Tim Duncan Should have pass the ball to Parker instead to Ginobili. We can point to what should of happen but ask yourself, did you really think this event would have occurred?

Now with the death of Mr Tim, (The Gulf Of Mexico, Louisiana and other Gulf States) we can now put in the traffic light that some people were demanding years ago. Unfortunately as always, it takes a death to put in a traffic light.

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