Friday, June 25, 2010

A City Divided and shows in City Council Vote.

As a residence of San Antonio since I was 8 years old, I came to realize somethimg about the city. That there is a disconnect between its sides and parts of town. That one side of town is totally different from the other side. Like small cosmic universe of a certain culture, the difference is almost like night and day. As a resident of the far East Side, you begin to feel that your city don't even care about you unless you drive a car and own a home in the Dominion.

This disconnect between those who live in side the loop and those who live outside the loop at the Thursday city council meeting. The council voted 8 to 3 to Denounce Arizona's new Immigration law. Those that supported AZ new Law are the City councils are 8, 9 and 10. All Clearly these districts are out side of Loop 410. I don't know if this is a sign of thing to come for other things that effect the city such as development, law enforcement, and transportation but I'm starting to see at the public meetings on certain sides of town. At the South side Smartways SA meeting on June 23, I was told by almost all who attended was that "enough! don't ride the bus, we do and that should be shown in the number of bus routes and services provided on the South Side." These attitudes and feeling in my opinion have been dormant for decades and are only now coming to the surface. With a new Generation coming of age and demanding to live with in the center of the cities themselves, It only a matter of time that we'll see the South Side Become A power house just Northsiders as the North Side is today.

Already they are reconstructing the San Antonio River on the South Side to be a park just like Brackenridge. They are building the New Texas A&M Campus on the Southside. Also I've started to see more and more people who live on the South Side attend public meetings more and more. Although we lack bookstores and such, We are starting to have problems with traffic jams that are just unheard of in decades past. Only now are we starting to see the tide turn south.

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