Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Low Payed Teachers and the NFL Ref strike.

Hey folks, I'm happy to be back. The Christmas rush is finally over and with my hours cut in half, I have more time to write this blog. So expect a few more this month and my goal which is a biweekly post of this blog should get rolling in the month of March.

Before the new year ended, I came across some stories about how some kids, Kindergarners to be exact were getting charged with sexual harrasment. I know that prime time TV has been horny since as long as I can remember, but that nightly sitcom shouldn't be giving hints into the personal relationships of 4 and 5 year olds. At that age, we don't get why we have a penis, we just know we do and some of us know that girls just don't have one. The example I personally have is looking at the naked body of my best friend newborn sister at that age, I told her mom that one day a penis will pop out of that thing. So if I'm saying at the age of 5 that girls will one day get a penis, then I will safely assume that kids at the age of 5 don't have sex on the brain. That comes around age 11 and with growth hormones in milk, maybe age 9 today.

But this isn't the first case of stupidly happening in our public schools, we constantly hear of some stupid decision of a principal suspending a kid for the most common thing. The latest story of a kid getting sent home because of a questionable haircut. Now we're all use to these stories, after all, the first such story I heard here in San Antonio was a kid getting sent home for having the Batman symbol etched into his head. This happen when the first Batman movie came out in the early 90s so by now we are use to such stories. So instead of having the kid sit down in the back of the classroom or having a camera set up to show the parents how disruptive the haircut is,  of course not, we get the kid suspended.

Now we can talk all day about how screwed up our schools an complain and complain, but here's a thought. Maybe we're under paying our teachers. Now I'm not asking for NBA type salaries, I am asking for decent wages. And to think this is not the main reason let's look to other professionals where they bring in unqualified low paid people.

Back in 2012, the NFL referees went on strike. Now they weren't  complaining about the pay but the lack of replacements.  While the Refs were striking, we saw the screwed up calls, and the late-nite talk shows making comedy skits of the whole debacle. But at the same time, some people did notice the simple fact that professionals are what you need for the job and ended the strike with provisions of bringing new blood into the NFL.


Now lets bring this back to teachers and education. Here we have an underpaid staff force to work long hours at low pay. Sure the schools like to say we'll pay for your education, but in the end, if your talented and you have a chance of getting a better job at a place that pays more, well where are you going to go? And that is what it comes down to, in business, if you want to smartest, most talented people working for you, well you're going to have to pay them, but with education, well the schools already get to much money. It come down to what the late George Carlin said, we're getting a system that keeps you smart enough to work the machines and nothing more. Lets not forget where GM put it's Volt plant, in a socialist communist country called Finland where by the way they pay their teachers $100,000+ a year. I don't know about you, but if you cannot connect the dots because you failed this back in elementary, well I can't help you.