Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Hay's Street Bridge Complaints but none From Waco Bridge.

On Tuesday, July 20th, 2010, the Hays Street Bridge, being blocked off for almost 30 years finally reopens not to vehicular traffic as it was originally designed for, but to bicycle and pedestrians turning this dilapidated structures that has been seen for as far as I can remember from driving on Interstate 37. Its a nice place to be especially on a hot afternoon because that is where the wind is blowing. Its basically a park on a bridge with joggers and cyclist from the neighborhood next to it just hanging out, watching the trains go by.

But from the comments from the news story page and letters to the editor, it sounds like government waste at it's best. The neighborhood has a history of being a rough place, but my friend is moving to that same neighborhood and she likes being near the center of town. last I check, she's a very attractive woman with a nice rack if you get my meaning. Other have complained about drugs and crime, but check out this news story, it looks like the the North West side of town are the worse place to be if you go by homicide rate yet now one is worried about getting mugged there. http://media.mysanantonio.com/images/sahomicides_p1.jpg

The bad comments where made as letters to the Editor in the San Antonio Express news. http://www.mysanantonio.com/opinion/letters_to_editor/your_turn__july_18_2010_99134524.html?showFullArticle=y Frank Goll in July 25 letters stated "City leaders seem to find plenty of tax dollars for items like the Hays Street Bridge restoration ($3.7 million) plus a few million for pet projects like the South Side San Antonio River beautification, light rail, red bike project, paddleboats, bike lanes, green job corps and other wish list items for our mayor and his cronies at City Hall." Yet he failed to mention the fact that City hall has been aggressively seeking Federal Funding to keep Police and Fireman in place. Right now, there asking for new recruits in the city.

And on July 26, Robert Mendez complained about the weeds over Salado Creek on Glember Rd and was there any money to clean it up. Maybe somebody should tell him the phone # 311. That is where if you have a complaint about the sidewalks, parks, bridges in San Antonio, they'll find the resources and time to clean it up. http://www.mysanantonio.com/opinion/letters_to_editor/your_turn__july_26_2010_99137579.html?showFullArticle=y.

Now what about Waco and the recent opening of the Washington Avenue Bridge there just two days later. It has the same design as the Hays Street bridge and from the local paper there, it seem to be getting praise from the residents of Waco, Texas. Here's one quote from http://www.wacotrib.com/opinion/columns/whitaker/Bill-Whitaker-Old-Washington-Avenue-Bridge-spans-our-failures-our-hopes.html Bill Whitaker saying "Most celebrants won’t be aware of it in their patriotic glee, but there’s something wonderfully ironic and reassuring about the old Washington Avenue Bridge being re-opened to foot traffic in time for this evening’s Fourth of July festivities in Indian Spring Park. For a year and a half, the 109-year-old bridge has undergone reconstruction to bolster it again for two-lane traffic." And so far the only Letter to the Editor there praises the opening of the bridge. http://www.wacotrib.com/opinion/letters/LETTERS-Readers-sound-off-on-Wacos-spay-and-neuter-law-bicycle-paths-and-Washington-crossing-the-Brazos.html From Hats off for headline by Sandy Spark Corwin of Waco "I laughed out loud when I read the Friday headline, “Washington crossing the Brazos.” Hats off to the writer. That’s the kind of reference to history we can all appreciate. As a native of Waco and one whose dad, Dr. Milton Spark, served the people of all parts of Waco but had his office in East Waco, I’m delighted this old bridge is back in service." After all this bridge renovation only cost $4.8 Million dollars.

But wait, I know why people are complaining about the hays Street Bridge, it doesn't allow Cars on it anymore and second, it in a neighborhood that has a pseudo reputation about it. It tales of drugs, drive by's and crime will probably keep old timers stuck in there car. No wonder it is a waste of money. But just as Waco using there bridge to connect neighborhoods, we are also using this bridge to connect neighborhoods that are cut off from Downtown. Only this time, it to the future of pedestrians and bicycles because just ask anyone who lives and works downtown, finding parking is a pain in the (add curse word of your
choice here).

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Friday, July 23, 2010

The Unemployment Check are stimilous checks.

Today, the president sign the Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2010 that will extend benifits for another 6 months. But this is nothing new, the only difference is that this time the money is going to the unemployed, not the employed.

Remember back in 2008, when Bush issued out checks? I got one and I believe a few years earlier they issued them again. The were called Stimilous Checks and at first, I was told I didn't make enough money.

Can't you guys see this is as the same thing, the stimilous checks during Bush, the unemployment extension under Obama; they're both the same. There are there to keep us spending and here's why. Our Economy is based on "spend here and spend now." But this stimilous will not keep the economy going for long.

The big problem with capitalism, the economic system worse except all others is that it requires people to spend there money for this and that. I could never understand this at all because once you spent your money, well you didn't have anymore. Although you go out and earn some more and that is what was pushed on to me except I begin to wonder, what if there was no more money to earn anymore?

And that is the whole problem with our economy right now, is that there's less money to be earned. And the Capitalistic system has been in place for over 500 years now since the inception of the East India Company. We call the periods of "less money to be earned," depressions and recessions. And like anything of nature, which our economy is no different, it has cycles and season of birth, growth, aged, and Death. We call these seasons Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. And that is the problem with the entire system, it fails to accound the cycles, the aged and death, the fall and winter in our economy. As long as we have intellictuals and business man who fail to account for the fall and winter parts of our economy, then well have depression and recessions. How many people back in 2004 or 2005 and said, "our economy will go on like this forever." How many people back in 97 said that?

Now I'm not demanding we all become communist, or socialist, even though our economy is more socialistic in nature than capitalist. I'm simply asking those who make policy realize the nature of things and that things don't grow forever. I'm asking for a change in the way we plan, the way we see things coming around the corner. And as long as we have economist and CEO's failure to think long term and in cycles, we'll continue to have recessions and depressions in the future. A human Being doesn't grow forever, he/she eventually ages and dies. So do all lifeform on this planet. What makes you think you can go against nature, or if your religious, GOD.