Monday, May 17, 2010

Finding money for Highways? Why?????

At Yesterday Transportation Policy Board meeting, the complaints where few but most often noted was Toll Roads.

The Transportation Policy board of the The San Antonio metropolitan Planing Organization had there meeting yesterday and Item 10 was the Short Range Transportation Plan (FY 2011-2014). Also known As TIP for Short.

The Topic of hatred, Toll Roads especially for the loop 1604 and US 281. These areas in my opinion are not inside San Antonio at all. Take it from a South Sider, it you ain't in side Loop 410, then your somewhere else.

But this TIP, except for signage for the Mission Reach of the River Walk, there's virtually nothing for the south side. Representative for City council District 3 of San Antonio complained and asked why isn't there funding to help the congestion at Brooks City Base and I-37. The reson is that Brook City Base is a City of San Antonio project and not a County or MPO project.

Here's my advice, you wanted a parking lot, you got it. Yes it nice to have a Best Buy on the south side, but unless your in a car, its hard to get from one place to another in that location. The Sidewalks for the most part end at crosswalks that don't allow enough time to make it across. And once your on the other side of Military Dr, there's no connection from that sidewalk to the Target and HEB.
If you want a solution to that congestion, My advice is to built better connectivity for transportation options that uses your two feet. You know, sidewalks, public transit, and bicycles. Otherwise, you just create a parking lot.

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