Monday, May 17, 2010

We don't Want Oil, but We want what it creates.

As Oil gushes out into the Gulf Of Mexico, we as Americans do little to prevent future disasters. We as a nation has several occasions to prevent this spill from happening, but Americans don't care.

Lets go back to the 1970's and the oil crisis that took place. Believe it or not, we were producing more oil then then in any time in our history. On average, we were producing 8.4 million barrels a day, yet we had lines at the the gas pump. When gas hit $4 a gallon, our oil production reached an all time low of 4.9 million barrels a day and was declining ever since our peak of production in 1970.

Yet we as a nation want our energy regardless on where it comes from. We continue to drive everywhere, we continue to expect our outlets to have electricity coming out of them when we plug in our plugs. At the same time, we have said no to the production of these fuels in our back yard. We say no to that Oil platform off our coasts. We say no to that refinery in our towns and yet we demand that the product that these refineries provide be at our local gas station.

We continue to produce alot of electricity by Coal. The oil that is used to propel the Train from the coal fields to the powerplant runs on the oil that we refuse to find in our back yard.

We also complain about the green technologies of where we put wind and solar plants. In the Mojve, there's already a move to prevent a solar plant being built because it would destroy habitat for tortoises. We don't want a wind farm off MA because it will be bad for the scenery.

But its okay to get our energy from countries that suppress freedom and women rights. That kill gays for being as such and from people who don't give a damn about pollution. We live in a carbon Economy and when that economy is in a recession we demand that the energy is cheap but at the same time we are saying no to building that plant in our back yard.

The route we have chosen is set, and there's little we can do for change. Every chance we had to change the status quo was met with resistance and instead of saying no to the status quo, They win.

It started with Regan tearing up the Solar panels out at the White house and stopped funding for new sources of Energy research especially with the Alge. It stopped with the investments of Solar during the late 90's. And even right now as oil creeps back down to prices we can afford, the investments have started to dry up.

In the not to distance future, we will come to another oil crisis and yet we'll have the opportunity to stop using oil as our main source for energy. But we'll not want to simply because it to hard. Enjoy your two legs, you'll need them when your car runs out of gas. Or better yet, carry your bicycle with you for riding a bicycle is always better than walking.

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